James Moore was born in Atlanta GA in 1986 and received his BFA from Pratt Institute in 2009.  His work encompasses a varied practice of installation, sculpture, drawing  and video to explore the complex relationships between technological metamorphosis, spirituality, supernatural and natural phenomena, narratives that deal with post apocalypse and regeneration, dimensional rifts in space and consciousness, science and nature models, and belief systems both contemporary and arcane.

Moore is interested in expressing the metaphorical application of energy and light in art, the growing connectivity between people and technology, inter-dimensionality, anatomy, the relationship between creation, destruction and regeneration, and riding high performance motorcycles, an action he sublimates into his art making practice.

Moore's work has been featured by The Creators Project, Artnet, BULLETT Magazine, Purple Magazine, as public installations and murals, and exhibited in shows at SIGNAL Gallery in Brooklyn, NY and with curators Alt_Esc_ at Art Basel Miami, FL. Since the summer of 2017, he has been organizing and underground event series called First Responders, a nomadic platform that hybridizes electronic music with visual art, inverting and repurposing emergency, subtle extraterrestrial, cyber and post-apocalyptic themes into immersive sonic installations. 

Moore lives and works in Brooklyn, NY.